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Cooking Gluten Free

​When my husband, Ken and granddaughter Daisy, were both diagnosed with Celiac disease I bought every cookbook for gluten free recipes on the shelves. I poured over library books and sniffed out any article on the illness that was available. I spent hours on the internet researching recipes and listing every gluten item I could find. I did learn a lot!


Years later, the Two Flowers Food Company was born.  After bringing home bread from the store that could be used as a weapon and putting out cakes that crumbled into small mounds I just knew I could somehow do better.  They deserved better!  The long project of baking, making and tasting began.  I wanted to make food that had little or no additives or chemicals.  I knew that many gluten free items are loaded with additives, fructose, words I could not pronounce, tons of salt and a large amount of sugar.  People who cook for Celiacs know the basics once they get the diagnosis.  The trick is to get things to taste good and also to be healthy for everyone. Back to basics and to simple food.  We all know meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruit are the safest foods to eat, as they are naturally gluten free. What about a good onion ring or tasty donut?  Could we again have an additive free pudding or lemonade?  Should we think that a cinnamon roll is out of reach?  Do our eyes light up with a thin crusted Italian pizza?  Again, simple, easy to make but also passing the thumbs up test from my darling Daisy!  So this book came to be. These are the best for the best!


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